Show Name    Location        Show Time    Website


    Mid Atlantic Quilt        Hampton, VA       Feb  27-Mar 2, 2014    http://www.quiltfest.com/

        Festival XXV


    Indiana Heritage           Bloomington, IN    Mar 6-8, 2014       http://www.ihqs.org/

       Quilt Show

    The Quilt Fest of          Somerset, NJ       Mar 6-9, 2014        http://www.quiltfest.com/

        New Jersey X

   AQS Quilt Week          Lancaster, PA    Mar 12-15, 2014    http://www.americanquilter.com/


    International Quilt        Cincinnati, OH        Apr 3-5, 2014    http://www.quilts.com/

        Festival Cincinnati

    Original Sewing       Schaumburg, IL      Mar 27-29, 2014  http://www.sewingexpo.com/     

        & Quilt Expo

    AQS Quilt Show          Paducah, KY        Apr 23-26, 2014    http://www.americanquilter.com/

        & Contest

    Denver National           Denver, CO         May 1-4, 2014    http://www.quiltfest.com/ 

        Quilt Festival VII

    Bead & Button       Milwaukee, WI  May 28-June 9, 2014  http://www.beadandbuttonshow.com


    NQA                            Columbus, OH    May 23-25, 2014    http://www.nqaquilts.org

    Minnesota                    St. Cloud, MN     June 12-14, 2014    http://www.mnquilt.org 

        Quilters Inc. (MAQS)

    International Quilt        Rosemont, IL    June 19-21, 2014       http://www.quilts.com/

         Festival/ Chicago

    Vermont Quilt             Essex Junction, VT June 27-29, 2014   http://www.vqf.org


    Quilt Odyssey             Hershey Lodge &    July 24-27, 2014    http://www.quiltodyssey.com

                                        Convention Center, PA

    AQS Quilt Week        Charlotte, NC     July 30 - Aug 2, 2014   http://www.americanquilter.com

    World Quilt Show      Manchester, NH    August 14-17, 2014    http://www.quiltfest.com/

        New England XII

    AQS Expo &               Grand Rapids, MI     Aug 20-23, 2014    http://www.americanquilter.com


    Pennsylvania               Philadelphia, PA    Sept 18-21, 2014    http://quiltfest.com

        National Quilt Extravaganza XXI

    WI Quilt Expo            Madison, WI        Sept 4-6, 2014        http://wiquiltexpo.com  

    AQS Expo &              Des Moines, IA     Oct 1-4, 2014   http://americanquilter.com


    Original Sewing       Tinley Park, IL      Nov 14-16, 2013  http://www.sewingexpo.com/     

        & Quilt Expo

    Pacific                        Santa Clara, CA    Oct 16-19, 2014      http://www.quiltfest.com/

        International Quilt Festival XXIII (Mancuso)

    International               Houston, TX        Oct 30- Nov 2, 2014         http://www.quilts.com/

        Quilt Festival

    World Quilt                West Palm Beach, FL    Jan 9-11, 2014    http://www.quiltfest.com/

        Show Florida V

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