Sister Retreat

My June retreat began with inviting several women to spend a Saturday, hand stitching, story telling, and sharing. Because it was strictly hand stitching I changed my usual invite list but we were still a large crowd. All the food was fabulous, as usual, and even Mike joined the party this year.

Diane, my sister from Minnesota, got to join us and her 1/4 inch hex quilt was the hit of show & tell and I have hers pictured next to mine!

This time I got to have a long arm consultation with a happy customer before finishing the springtime quilt currently in progress.

Moe and I wore quilty shoes.

Once everyone left, Diane stayed and joined me in a 4 day retreat, right here. The first day we went on the hunt for more fabric before going to a fabulous jewelry show.

Diane cut and stitched a wonderful tumbler wall-hanging.

Next she basted and stitched the birch tree leaves on her “Fields of Minnesota” quilt.

I cut my collection of RJR “Pioneer Brides” fabric that I won at Spring Quilt Market.

And of course made many 42 cent postage stamp blocks.

No retreat would be complete without creating a shopping list of all the new tools discovered there. Diane will be getting: Martelli rotary cutter

Panasonic Travel Iron

Tim Holtz Book: “Compendium of Curiosities” for inspiration

Terial Magic for printing

Wool Fabric, Yoga Mat for setting her machine on and sewing table insert for her machine.

Kathy will be getting: Perfect Piecing Seam Guide along with Dr Scholl Molefoam to make perfect scant 1/4 inch seam

Best meal was the one that Diane prepared: individual pizzas on flat bread.

The perfect companion was the Dragonfly drink, featuring Pino Grizzio, Pomogranite Liquor, and a splash of champagne.

Mom sent a birthday present which I placed on the mantle

Diane and I had a great retreat.

But it wasn’t over. We had to go to see the Quilt National exhibit at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum and they had a great rummage sale going on at the same time. Aline went with me for the ride.

Excited to enter the exhibit.

A sampling of the quilts on display!

Lunch at the Anvil and then off to the Cedar Creek Winery.

And no trip to Cedarburg is complete without visiting Ye Old Schoolhouse Quilt Shop!

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