Fall Houston Quilt Market & Festival

Rosemont 2017 Quilt Festival is right around the corner so I had to share this story about the Galveston Contingent, a.k.a. Geri Sherwood and I, which begins at the 2016 Fall Quilt Market in Houston.

Geri and Shirley drove from Indiana and arrived Galveston Friday. I flew and arrived Saturday, Geri picked me up at the airport and we went directly to Market.

The week started with Claire giving us bags since we didn’t have any for carrying stuff.

Received a class on Wonderful thread in their booth, on thread and pre-wound bobbins.

Visited Cindy’s Antique Quilts to give her the update on Linzey Joy’s quilt.

Finished the day with walk up valet, eating dinner at McCormick and Schmicks. “Walk up Valet” just means we did it wrong by parking the car and then walking up to the valet station to give him our keys! Hysterical!

Arrived at Galveston beach house around 10pm. This was the view!

Got to Tim Holtz booth and was video cam for the lady that interviewed him!

Got photos with Edyta Sitar in her booth and with both her and Linda Collins after all these years!

Once the market fun was over, us girls went to lunch at the Mosquito cafe on Winnie Street.

Then we toured downtown Galveston, walking shop to shop. We saw tons of Hallmark trailers just like Jamie’s and knew the thieves thought Harleys were inside. We went in and out all the shops where they all had the air conditioning set at 60 degrees, with the outside temperature at 87. It was nuts.

Picked up burgers not the way home and followed directions rather than the posted signs that we didn’t see to get burgers for game 6 in the World Series. Cubs win in Cleveland 3:3 with one more to go for the world series.

Wednesday, we laid around in PJs on the couch doing appliqué all day. Geri found the number for the police tip line on ABC13 website and calls. Dispatch knew nothing and didn’t care. They just said “Houston has a lot of thefts”. Geri asked for the name of the detective on the case and they said “you need a case number”.

So, then Geri called ABC13 and told them the tip line was worthless and the Houston police don’t care. She told them of the Bike Rally with 60K people driving in and the International Quilt Show with 100K people flying in and Jamie is famous and the world is upset with the theft of his trailer. The ABC13 guy said he would give all this info to the reporter.

At night we wore the same clothes and sat in the same couch position as for game 6. It turned out we couldn’t order out pizza because they were closed so we had to go pickup the same burgers we ate for game 6! Now we were ready for the final game. We screamed at Madden, and Lester, and Carl Edwards. Thank God for Michael Montgomery. CUBS WIN!

Thursday was festival, and we were hoarse and tired all day from the Cubs win because we screamed all night and stayed up till about 1pm. We wore our Cubs shirts the next day so everyone cheered us.

Went straight to Primitive Gatherings booth, then on to Quiltmania. Gave Jamie hugs and told him of our police hotline adventures.

Attended a luncheon where the astronaut talked about the quilt block she made in space and all the quilts made by people all over the world in same fashion. In the beginning the microphone didn’t work so Judy Murrah led singing and we all stood in our blue Cubs t-shirts singing, “Take me out to the ball game”. After the astronaut talked, Pam Holland, the keynote, spoke about how she has ben going along in her own genre and then asks, “what’s next”?

On the way home, stopped at Walgreens and the grocery store for drugs, soup, crackers and bread. We were sick, most likely from air conditioned Galveston. We didn’t get home until 8pm and learned to make bread without tin foil and heat soup in the microwave!

Friday festival had excitement because there were text messages that Jamie’s quilts and trailer were found because of a “tip”! Later that day they checked out the trailer but unfortunately not everything was there.

First stop Saturday was the Sampler where we learned to needle turn appliqué points. Gwylene was featured speaker at the luncheon. She has really come a long way from the time we first met her long ago! We also saw all the quilt exhibits.

Sunday was a casual day, and I packed up, played on the beach, barefoot so I could feel the really fine sand and run into the gulf. It was beautiful. Saw the buried whale and watched 2 men reel in fish they had just caught.

Then off to the airport for the ride home. Geri went back to the beach house and I got home safe and sound.

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