Trip to Cedarburg in search of Coverlets

I received an email from the Wisconsin Museum Friday that said this was the last chance to see their Coverlet collection exhibit this year so I found someone who could go and got to see it before it went back into storage! I love coverlets!


The Museum was also celebrating a big anniversary so they had greeters and demonstrations in the lobby.


Inside the barn was a display of old tools and an old loom. The ladies running the loom were contemplating the pattern and next steps to be woven.

IMG_3080 IMG_3086 IMG_3087

The exhibit was Coverlets and Stevengraphs and we learned about both. Very cool


The collection of coverlets was donated by James A. Taylor! I have never really collected anything except my quilting machines, fabrics, threads and art tools so I am so impressed when people actually collect historic things of beauty from the past.

James Taylor Coverlett Collection

Now let me show you highlights of what was on display in the gorgeous barn.

IMG_3088 IMG_3091 IMG_3102 IMG_3115 IMG_3120 IMG_3125 IMG_3136 IMG_3142 IMG_3148 IMG_3150 IMG_3170 IMG_3180

The added bonus was that we got to learn what Stevengraphs are, woven bookmarks, and my favorite was from the 1893 Chicago World’s fair of course!

Stevengraph Collection

IMG_3117 IMG_3118

Next stop was “Ye Olde Schoolhouse”, a must stop if you are in Cedarburg for any reason, so of course I stopped.

Ye Old Schoolhouse IMG_3215 Schoolhouse IMG_3224 IMG_3221 IMG_3226 IMG_3225

I found many wonderful fabrics but the best find was the Letters from World War II by my friend Rosemary Youngs!

I need Rosemary to sign something so I can attach it to this book. So wonderful!

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