Innova Intermediate Training

I just completed my Innova Intermediate Training at Accomplish Quilting and now I am ready! My tension should be perfect with every thread type I own because I tried them all!


We were quite a big group but there were plenty of machines to choose from, and Accomplish Quilting even has machine brands other than Innova. Innova is of course the only brand machine that we use!



We of course bought fresh pastries and wonderful coffee from Bit of Swiss.1 Bit of Swiss

And ate our breakfast just around the corner with a wonderful Lake Michigan view. To have that view every morning would be quite wonderful.



We couldn’t climb the hill but the structure that held our picnic table was enough for us.


The first night we went to Beach Park Pizza and I got an asparagus veggie pizza which was fabulous and proved to be a wonderful lunch on Friday also.

IMG_3279Friday night Doug joined us for an early dinner right after class at The Buck. I had the Peanut Butter and Bacon Jam Burger smothered with jalapeños, what a fabulous burger. With a burger like that you need to have a nice dark stout beer.

IMG_3330 IMG_3331 IMG_3332

There is nothing like a quilting weekend with great views, great food, and good friends.

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