Dreaming about Houston Quilt Festival

Last weekend I was stitching my project’s last hexies on the deck with morning coffee, thinking about what to sign up for at Quilt Festival in Houston. The bad news is that I have not been to Houston since 2010. The good news is that I am going this fall and I am so excited!

1 IMG_2827

5 IMG_2830

Filling out the Houston forms sent me down memory lane and I’m going to take you with me. First step in travel is traveling through O’Hare. Back in the day I always flew American, thus their terminal photo.

8 Traveling through ohare

The person responsible for me even thinking of going to Houston is Clotilde. She was a fabulous woman and was a dear friend. Our friendship moved to a new level when she wore two of my award winning jackets on the cover of her catalog. Once she asked to do that I decided that I needed to make patterns to go along with the catalog entry, launching Downie Designs.

2003 Clotilde Tropical Sunset Jacket for website2003 clotilde-sp04 for website

My first Festival in 2003, Lynn and I roomed together. Aren’t those wonderful flowers! Before festival I did go to Market and Clotilde let me room with her since I didn’t know anyone and she showed me the ropes.

2003 Lynn 2003 Houston

My second Houston in 2004, I again got to room with Clotilde at Market, and then on to Festival where I roomed with Chris who now lives in Australia! You can see us here at one of the luncheons. It is a wonderful way to have a great lunch and hear a great speaker, while resting from running around the show.

2004 Chris and I 2004 houston

In 2005 I attended Market, and attended Moda’s party which was a Halloween costume event! I made my outfit and got to meet a lot of famous people there. It was a real blast.

2005 market moda party

2005 market moda party2

My first Market as Downie Designs was in 2006 in Minneapolis, MN, which was very appropriate since I grew up in MN. One of my sisters, Brenda, assisted that weekend.

2006 Market 2006 Mpls

2006 Fall Market and Festival in Houston, Brenda joined me for both. I got the chance to spend tine with her and Molly who was there with Gordon! Molly, Brenda and I ventured off one day and went to NASA. It was fantastic to hear about the early days and close ups of all the rockets and engines.

2006 nasa2

2006 Nasa

Along the way I was honored to be invited to design a runway fashion for not one but three different Bernina Fashion Shows, which all debut at Fall Quilt Market. The first invite was 2005 and I created Midas Archipelago.

BFS Bernina 2005

In 2006 I was invited again and created Carnival Rio.

BFS 2006

And my third invitation was for the last Bernina Fashion Show in 2008, where I created Rendezvous with Nature’s Rainbow.

BFS frontSince my first Quilt Market in 2006, I attended every one which happens twice a year, until my last Market in Spring of 2010, back in Minneapolis. By then I had a large inventory of patterns and a great looking booth.

2010 Last quilt market

2010 Last quilt market2

2010 Last quilt market3

Needless to say I cannot wait to go back to Houston where it all began and still continues today!!

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