Accomplish Quilting Class – Jamie Wallen

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend a 2 day class at Accomplish Quilting with wonderful teacher, Jamie Wallen. I must say that throughout my 20 years of quilting, I enjoyed his class more than ANY other class I have ever taken!


I could not believe the number of people in class. Many of them were actually new Innova owners, imagine! Jamie kept our undecided attention throughout the entire class.

Fena started the event with an introduction to the Accomplish Quilting team and told us about the logistics of the weekend. The team was completely accommodating and served us beautiful lunches and snacks throughout both days!

Fena introducing the team

We did learn everything that was claimed and even more. We studies feathers and all that means, how to use rulers and when to use them, how to use edge to edge and filler designs, and how to put it all together to make an award winning quilt. He also told us some really important information to enhance our own relationships with our machines.

Class Announcement

Jamie’s method of teaching is superb. First he teaches us something and then helps us to improve our own execution and interpretation of what he just showed us.

Jamie helping

We also got live demos of how to use rulers, which was priceless.

Ruler demo on Innova

During and after classes, much fun shopping happened. It all ended with me taking a new chair home. I needed a really tall chair once my Innova was set up because I am so tall. It works perfectly.


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