Paducah – Favorite Food

Let’s go down memory lane to the Paducah Quilt Show in April and check out all the great food!

Red’s Donuts was a find for the first time last year and I know that every trip will include more than one trip to Red’s to keep us in donuts! This picture is when Geri, Linzey Joy and I first arrived.

2016.04.22 Reds Donuts arrival

This picture is what the Red’s purchases looked like, yum!

2016.04.22 Reds Donuts

I should have started this post with the best food on the way to Paducah, that is the Effingham Cracker Barrel. After a long drive, after work we get there just in time for a nice dinner and this trip they were serving turkey and dressing! How perfect since there were torrential rains outside once we got there!

Effingham Cracker Barrel


One of the things we love to do at night is go to one of the Paducah Church’s for dinner. They are always the best.

Church food

There are always wonderful table decorations.

Church decor

There is always lots of antique quilts on display and live entertainment, usually the piano and a singer, but this year we also got a trumpet player. Fabulous.

Church entertainment Church trumpet

You cannot beat the convention center for great “fast food”. Lunch has to be done quickly because there is never enough time to see the quilts and shop!

Convention Center Tent food

On Friday nights we always go to the Dairy Queen. This photo isn’t that exciting because we are all posting to Facebook and finding out what we missed during the day. We didn’t go to Paducah for about 10 years once Rosemont started up so the Dairy Queen crowd has dwindled. We used to fill up the entire place with Quilters. And there is always entertainment – this year it was not planned, God sent them! More on that in another post.


No trip to Paducah is complete without a dinner at Patti’s Settlement.

Pattis sign

This year half of the cabin crew were there all at the same time!

Pattis Group photo

And on our way out of town we stopped at Red’s once again, followed by stopping at Niemerg’s Steakhouse for lunch.

Niembergs lunch

This weekend I do have to add that I was so excited about quilting my first quilt on my Innova that I finished binding it and washed it. I love the way it turned out. You must stay on your galloping horse but it is wonderful!

Quilt 1

Quilt closeup3 Quilt closeup2

Quilt Closeup

I bought the fabrics from Jodi Barrow’s at Paducah in April, pieced it in May, and Quilted it in June! Pretty cool.

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