Summer Camp

First, I have to ask you for your feedback on the new blog format. Hopefully you will be as excited about it as I am. Now for the story.

Every year I host an event in my home for all the friends that can attend in June. It is called “summer camp” since I started by inviting all the friends that go to spring and fall camp, even though this is only one day.

This is the picture of everyone starting to mill around in the living room.

the room

Lots of conversations ensue with the groups in the  room discussing quilting projects and techniques:

the room 2


Show & Tell was fabulous!


Linzey Joy’s hexie quilt in her tin.


Gail’s work in progress.


One of the projects I am making progress on.

Winnie’s needle case.

Judy bags

The wonderful bags that Judy designs.

Chris quilt

Chris’ table runner.


Aline’s quilt, just back from Paris.

Rosemary redwork

Rosemary’s rework.

Rosamary primitive gatherings

Rosemary’s quilt that we saw having in Paducah this spring!

Rosemary edyta quilt

Rosemary’s quilt in progress.

Marilyn bag

Marilyn’s bags.


Marilyn’s quilt.

Linda R

Linda’s latest quilt.

Linzey Joy with quitl win

Linzey Joy with the quilt she won at the Rotary in Paducah.

umbrella S&T

My umbrella created for the 2015 Women’s Journey in Fiber exhibit.

There were also teaching moments:


A lesson from Linzey Joy on stitching hexies.

Chris teacher

A lesson from Chris on making a foot thong.


A lesson from Chris on using our favorite strip rulers.

Winnie teacher

A lesson from Linzey Joy on setting our phone fonts.

Final class

And then there was the food.

The food

And we of course cannot forget about the deserts!

The snacks and deserts

And for me it is not only summer camp but also a celebration of my birthday month. These ladies always make it a special time!!



  1. Kathy, Love your blog! Looks like your summer camp was a great success! Loved all the show and tell from these creative ladies. Have a great summer and thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. Kathy, it was the perfect day! I reconnected with hand sewing and met so many wonderful ladies. The trip home flew by with so many new ideas percolating.

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