Quilt Week – Favorite Paducah Vendors

This post is to highlight all of my favorite and special vendors at the Paducah Quilt Show this year! It is always a good turn out.

Froncie Quinn is a Museum Licensed Pattern Writer and is the first booth I go to at the Rotary every year. My last big purchase from her was the pattern for the “Emily Monroe Quilt”, which you can purchase from her site or visit her at the Rotary next year!

Kaye Moore is shown here with one of her blocks for the “Emily Monroe Quilt” by Froncie Quinn. She is way out in front of me of course. It is wool appliqué on cotton backgrounds. She sells Froncie’s pattern, wool and background fabrics.

Kaye Moore

Prize Possessions owned by Susan and Allan Baker, make jewelry from antique and collectible buttons and somehow got named the “button people” which has stuck until this day. Their booth is like having a wonderful jewelry store right in the middle of the quilt show, and we always find new bracelets or earrings to purchase.

Prize Possessions

Claire from Quilt Mania, who has the best magazines and books ever, and Claire is our favorite!

2016.04.23 Claire from Quilt Mania

Primitive Gatherings is by far special!

2016.04.23 Primitive Gatherings

The Little Red Hen always has great patterns, kits and finds and this year I found this cute little wallet.

Cute Wallet

Frieda and Laura outfits especially matched the look of their booth this year, Artfabrik / Friestyle. I love their patterns and hand dyed fabrics and yarns.

Laura Frieda

This year I bought all the APLIQUICK®™ tools. The owner, from Spain, is fabulous at instruction, and these tools are absolutely required if you want to have perfect needle turn appliqué!

Square in a Square booth is always a favorite with great fabrics and patterns.

2016.04.23 Square in a Square

Rickshaw driver was a new addition this year.

2016.04.23 Rickshaw driver

And of course my favorite is Accomplish Quilting, and the update is that the room is ready and the guys are bringing the Innova Longarm to setup on Friday!






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