A Quilty Memorial Day Weekend

I still have tons to say about Paducah and usually spend my Memorial Day at all the garden centers, but this weekend I had to get familiar with my new Innova! I did do some weeding in the front gardens but mostly quilted. I finished the Ode to Abe quilt and the backing to go with it. And then practiced the quilting I wanted to do on it. Finally I loaded the quilt. Thank you Accomplish Quilting for showing how to load a quilt on your site!

4 The loaded quilt

One of the first learnings was, be careful when using a ruler so it doesn’t get in the way of the needle – I broke one!

5 Broken needle

Then the magic. First to try feathers because they are my favorite.

6 Quilting border7 Feathers

After that the little feather in the square seemed pretty simple.

9 feather center sq

Then I had to do some ruler work since I bought a few rulers from Jamie Wallen at Art Apothecary during Paducah week.

8 ruler work

Now of course the fabrics and thread selection are very forgiving but this shows that I can actually do this! I will have to practice to be able to quilt with the threads really showing but I am so excited!





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